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Article: Common Sense Is Not So Common

woman thinking

According to Einstein, common sense is a collection of prejudices acquired by age 18. If, what he means by prejudice is a way of thinking and looking at life, then this is a pretty accurate observation.  When we say common sense we mean common to most people. However, common sense is not so common. It is particular to the values and groups in which we were raised. For one group, it is common sense to finish high school and get a job. For another group, it is going to college. Yet another group plans for graduate school and becoming a professional.  The values of different groups are evident in the common sense of each group.

When we think of how we look at food and everyday living, where is our nation’s common sense when it comes to our health? Nearly 70% of Americans are overweight and the number one cause of death in America is heart disease? If common sense is contributing to our health problems while lowering our quality of life and causing us to spend more money on treating illness, would it not “make sense” to improve upon our common sense?   Maybe it is time to start thinking about our quality life and how we want to live. Maybe it’s time to spend our money on living well and preventing illness rather than spending money on heart medication & diabetes drugs after the “common sense” of America makes you ill. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to common sense 2.0:  A sustainable common sense health operating system for the 21stcentury. Balanced living is common sense 2.0 with wisdom inside.

Diego Hernandez Psy.D.


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