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You are at Balanced Living Psychology’s website.

Thank you for reaching out. I am no longer in fulltime in practace. I am presently on the CMI Development team with Arise Alliance. We are developing a new therapeutic approach called Critical Memory integration.

You can find out more here:

In this process, I no longer accept new clients and I am referring to trusted colleagues. Please reach out to Chris Long at 813-635-6100. He is an outstanding trauma therapist and assists me in training at Mayo Clinic and in research at USF.

You may also try

Diana Johnson 813-515-8909

Shana Haas 813-434-3212

Harper Therapy at 813-434-3639

Please note I am continuing a few hours a week for Executive and Human Performance Coaching along with SPEC OPS.

Best regards, Doc Diego

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Balanced Living Psychology is the consulting and private practice of Licensed Clinical Psychologist Diego F. Hernandez Psy.D.


Change is inevitable. How we face it is not.

“You don’t need to be ill to consult with a professional. Each of us relies on the expertise of different professionals throughout the day to get things done. Choosing a professional to work with you on life concerns is no different”

“Invest yourself in living well, because the cost of physical illness and unhappiness far outweigh what is spent building tools for balanced living.” – Dr. Diego

Private, specialized, and confidential services for transitional stress, deployment stress, combat stress, and post-traumatic stress (PTS).

Scholarships are available for Post 911 Veterans and active duty.

Human performance and executive coaching

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Provider, trainer, and clinical consultant for Accelerated Resolution Therapy. ART is officially recognized as an evidence-based treatment for psychological trauma and depression by the SAMHSA National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

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Proudly Supporting Veterans Alternative who provides Accelerated Resolution at no cost to OEF and OIF Combat Veterans. They serve veterans experiencing triggers related to combat and/or military sexual trauma and their families through a resiliency & strength-based program utilizing proven alternative therapies

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Our approach to resolving traumatic memories uses a type of relaxation to go through the memory so one does not have to talk about the details.

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    By HOWARD ALTMAN | The Tampa Tribune  Published: June 25, 2012 »  Comments | Post a Comment TAMPA -- For University of South Florida researchers studying the effectiveness of a new therapy for post-traumatic stress disorder, these are promising times. They've just published the results of an initial study that indicates the treatment, accelerated...

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Dr. Diego F. Hernandez



What’s Our Specialty?

Private, specialized and confidential services for transitional stress, deployment stress, combat stress and PTSD. With emphasis on members of our Special Force

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Anxiety and Fears

Sessions focus on the situation and experiences you wish to change and address any fear, apprehension, or anxiety you may experience. Proper attention to experiences and skill building is at the heart of crafting your own solutions.

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Workshops & Retreats

Balanced Living workshops focus on developing the everyday skills to live in harmony with your self and your life. Presented for practitioners and institutions and are carefully crafted to meet specific needs.

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Find Us: Inside Westchase Commons on W. Linebaugh Ave. - Call US 813-418-7868